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Storing Your Coffee

Storing Your Kona Coffee

100% Kona coffee is precious and deserves your utmost care and attention when it comes to storage. As a general rule for coffee, oxygen, time and temperature are the biggest threats. Here are some coffee storage hacks that can help you extend the life of your beloved 100% Kona Coffee beans.

Do Not Buy Ground Coffee

Unless you are completely out of time and energy, never buy pre-ground coffee. At Pele Plantations, we highly encourage you to buy freshly roasted whole beans and only grind enough for your daily consumption. Grinding releases carbon dioxide (CO2) inside the bean and ages your coffee much faster.

Order Small Batches

We roast and sell coffee in small batches to make sure that you never have to drink coffee that's been sitting on a shelf. Coffee tastes best right after it comes out of the roaster.

That’s why we encourage customers to join our Coffee Club. Keep a fresh supply of fresh Kona Coffee coming every month, roasted just the way you like it.

Follow the Nose

Your nose is the best instrument for judging the freshness of your coffee. Beans that are improperly stored in non-airtight containers lose their aroma and freshness faster than properly sealed coffee.

When your Pele Plantations coffee arrives, your FedEx driver will smell it before you do! Enjoy its full aroma and flavor while it's fresh. Don't worry, we'll make more!

Keep It Cool

Higher temperatures are the enemy of freshness, as they cause more rapid oxidation. Always keep your coffee in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight and anything fragrant, like spices or strong foods.

If for any reason you need to store some of your precious Kona Coffee for much later use, we recommend freezing the beans in a vacuum-sealed bag. When it’s time to thaw the coffee beans, bring them to room temperature before brewing.

Divide and Conquer

For longer-term storage, divide and store your coffee beans in weekly amounts. Keep the current week’s coffee in an airtight container, and thaw a new packet each week for maximum freshness and aroma. Do not refreeze any coffee beans once they have been thawed. Condensation will ruin the taste.

There is no need to freeze your coffee if you will be consuming it within 2-3 months. Our sealed bags have a one-way valve to prevent oxidation.

Join Our Coffee Club!

The best coffee freshness tip is to avoid buying large quantities of coffee in supermarkets, especially if it’s ground. It will take too long to use it up; and it’s already been on the shelf for an unspecified amount of time.

Order what you need every month, and reward yourself with the perfect cup every single day. Pele Plantations can help you make sure that you never have to drink low-flavor coffee ever again. Sign up for a 100% Kona Coffee Subscription and enjoy 10% savings on freshly roasted coffee every month.