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Small Batch Roasting

Small Batch Roasting

Coffee roasting is a perfect blend of art and science. At Pele Plantations, we take pride in our roasting skills and responsibilities. In addition to roasting our own organic coffee beans, we also roast and ship 100% Kona coffee beans from several neighboring Kona estates. It’s our job to make sure that you can taste and appreciate the painstaking effort our local farmers have put into growing and harvesting their crops.

Our commitment to roasting in small batches (3 to 8 pounds) ensures that we give the right attention to every single bean that passes through our roasting room. Our entire focus is on the color, flavor and smell of the coffee bean as it’s roasting, every single time we roast. Our dedication comes from our desire to help you savor the 100% Kona Coffee you receive from us.

We roast in small batches for two reasons:

To ensure absolute freshness.

We only roast when an order comes in. That means you get your favorite coffee roasted to your favorite profile – Medium, Pele, or Dark – and shipped to you while it's as fresh as possible.​

To allow you to choose your favorite roast.

You can rely on the roasting to be consistent. (We recalibrate frequently for each and every estate.) That way you can really taste the difference from one estate to another.

We have over 25 years of experience roasting Kona coffee:
you are in good hands with us.

Pele Plantations Roasts

Medium Roast

This is the lightest roast we recommend, and one that works beautifully with our Kona organics. This roast is preferred by professional cuppers because the flavor distinctions are not masked by the roast. The velvety light-brown beans provide a rich, snappy Kona flavor with exceptional aroma. Medium body.

Also called City, American, or Breakfast Roast.

Pele Roast

This is our favorite choice for Kona coffee. We call it the Pele roast because it seems perfectly suited to her beans. The beans are roasted just long enough to produce a mellow, richer flavor that is not overwhelmed by the smoky tones from the roast. The beans are chestnut brown with a slight shimmer of oils on the surface. Ideal body.

Also called Full-City or Medium-Dark.

Dark Roast

Kona lends itself beautifully to a sweet, dark roast. As coffee is roasted darker, it loses some of its origin flavors and takes on more flavor from the roasting process. With our Dark Roast, the flavor is hearty, smoky and strong. Beans are dark brown with an oily surface. Maximum body.

Also called Vienna Roast.