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2 Lbs Green Coffee Beans: Kilohana

2 Lbs Green Coffee Beans: Kilohana


KILOHANA means excellent, a Hawaiian word used to describe outstanding places and excellent qualities. Both are certainly true in this case. Our Kilohana Extra Fancy is the highest quality organic coffee available, and comes from a spectacular farm in Holualoa, North Kona.

Kilohana is the only Extra Fancy organic coffee available in Kona, exclusively offered by Pele Plantations.


“This intense coffee’s flavor is full of sweet dark chocolate, with tones of honey and cinnamon. It’s a classic full-bodied Kona organic with a mild cinnamon and delicate nutmeg-spiced finish. The bitterness is absent from most Medium and Pele roasts with a lingering taste of sweet dark chocolate.”
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Coffee Farm in Kona, Hawai‘i

The Kilohana plantation is situated on the gentle upland slopes overlooking the Kona coast, just 10 minutes from Kailua-Kona. They are committed to using only organic farming methods, returning all by-products of the milling process to nourish the soil. The Extra Fancy organic coffee from this farm is one of the very best that Kona produces.