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Coffee Club

Join our Coffee Club!

Pele Plantations membership is more than a monthly subscription. Our members have exclusive privileges, including personalized coffee conciege services. Find out more below.

There's only one thing better than having your favorite coffee arrive on your doorstep: being a Pele Plantations member with access to special products and services.

When you join our Coffee Club, you become part of the Pele Plantations ohana, or family. Your ongoing support allows us to keep providing you, and all of our customers, with the highest-quality, single-estate coffee in Kona. In return, we offer you unparalleled service and quality, and a 10% discount on all of our products.

When you join the Pele Plantations Coffee Club, we’ll start delivering freshly roasted 100% Kona Coffee to your door every month. But that’s only the beginning!

We take the time to tailor your Kona coffee experience to your specific needs and preferences. Our members enjoy personalized concierge-style service, a discounted rate on all of our coffee, and exclusive access to special reserve and low-inventory products.

How to Sign Up?

Start by clicking the Join Now button below, which will lead you through some simple questions. Once I receive your form, I will open a member profile for you and then get in touch to finalize it with you personally.

Your subscription will be managed by hand and tailored to your coffee preferences and average monthly consumption. Nothing is automated, and you always have the option to make changes to your profile and monthly orders.

The minimim order for membership is one pound per month, or two pounds every two months.

How It Works?

Once you have established your member profile, you will start receiving coffee right away. Coffee club orders are delivered on or just before the first of the month. Your membership stays in effect indefinitely, until you decide to make a change or cancel it. Until then, you don't have to do anything at all, except enjoy the coffee.To make the most of your membership, we strongly encourage you to opt for a rotation of different coffees that will be selected for you on a monthly basis. You tell us your favorite roast, and we send you something delicious to enjoy every single month. You can pause or change your coffee shipments at any time via direct access to the owner of Pele Plantations. We do our best to honor all requests.

Special Benefits


You will receive special member pricing on all of our coffee products (minimum 10% discount). Your regular shipments will be processed by hand. However, if you wish to do additional shopping on our website, you will receive a 10% subscriber discount on all purchases.


The owner of Pele Plantations will be personally handling your membership, and not automating it online. You can contact me via email or phone anytime you want to modify your subscription, ask questions, or get recommendations. Anytime you have a special request, I'll be here to help!


If you prefer to order by email or phone, you can contact your concierge (me!) to order more coffee for yourself or for someone else.

This is a great service to use year round, and especially at holiday time!


Some of our coffee comes from small family farms like our own, and sometimes we are only able to get a small reserve of coffee from a special estate. As a member, you will have exclusive access to products like these that do not appear on our website.


We offer a wider variety of roast types for members, because we are roasting a bigger batch of coffee. Medium and Dark options are limited on our website, but can be more easily accommodated when we roast our monthly Coffee Club.


This is a great service to use year round, and We can't think of a better gift than membership to our club. You can gift an unlimited membership or a specific number of shipments to your recipient.
Just let us know what you'd like them to receive, and we will take care of the rest.


I'd love to help you create your perfect coffee order and ship it to you monthly.

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly roasted Kona coffee coming through your door once a month (yes, you will smell it before you open the box), and from your coffee cup every morning. Treat yourself or another coffee lover in your life to a daily fix of the freshest Kona Coffee available.