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Our Coffee

Our Coffee

At Pele Plantations, coffee is a passion and a way of life. We love Kona, and we are only interested in producing the best coffee Kona has to offer. We are proud of all of the coffee we roast here at Pele; each one comes from an outstanding local farm. We encourage our customers to try them all. Each is rich and delicious, but they are all a little different.

We feature 100% Kona Coffee from eight different local estates, plus 100% Kona Peaberry.

We don’t offer blends. Just straight-up Kona coffee done right. Our coffee is always pure 100% Kona.

Small Local Estates

Each coffee we offer is grown on a small Kona farm or estate, including our own organic coffee farm.

Each farm is owned by a local family whose values match ours, and whose coffee plants are given the careful and loving attention they deserve. Our growers share our passion for nurturing their trees and for picking cherries only when they are plump, red and sweet.

Quality From Start to Finish

We only use the best, hand-picked red cherry from each and every farmer who works with us.

All the coffee we buy is pulped the same day it’s picked, dried in the sun the traditional way (becoming parchment), and then aged for at least eight weeks before being converted from parchment to green. We mill the coffee parchment in small batches, so our green beans are always fresh. When you place your order on our website, we scoop up some fresh green and roast it to perfection.

Exclusive Source for Organic Kona Coffee

We are very serious about our organic coffee certifications.

When you order organic coffee from Pele, it’s been certified by the ICS (International Certification Services, Inc.) Our organic farms meet rigorous requirements, and produce unbelievably good coffee.

Small-Batch Roasting

Your coffee is never roasted until the day you place your order.

It’s the freshest cup of Kona you can get without visiting the island! All the roasting is done here at the farm, using our years of experience with beans from these specific Kona estates. So your favorite roast – whether Medium, Pele or Dark – is always just right.

In order to get your order ready to ship, we need to know the roast that you think you will enjoy the most. The roast can make a huge difference in the flavor you will experience. If you will be ordering coffee from more than one estate, we suggest that you let us roast them all the same. That way you will be comparing the estates, and not the roast. If, on the other hand, you wish to compare roasts, select one estate and have us roast it three different ways.

If you’re not sure what to choose for yourself or for a gift recipient, we suggest starting with our Pele roast. In most cases, it’s just right… not too light or too dark for the average coffee drinker, and wonderfully suited to Kona coffee beans.